If you think your service charge is wrong, you can query it through My Account.

If you're not sure what a cost relates to, check our guide Service charges - what do they cover [pdf].

If you have a query about charges or services that have been included in your service charge account, you can log in to My Account and complete the service charge query form.

If you want to see the invoices relating to your service charges account, use the service charge query form to request these. You must do it within 6 months of getting your end-of-year service charge income and expenditure account though.

To see the invoices, you can either:

  • Make an appointment to view them at one of our offices. This is free.
  • Get copies of the invoices sent to you. There's a £25 administration fee for this.

Please let us know which option you prefer when you fill out the query form.

If the information is held by a managing agent, we'll pass your request to them. They may ask you to pay an administration fee.

Query your service charge using My Account.

If you are a key worker, student or private tenant, you do not pay a separate service charge, you only pay rent.