What we provide in your community

We're more than just a landlord. Helping people setup their own business, financial and budgeting advice, careers fairs, after school programmes and fitness classes are just some of the services we provide in our communities to provide peoples' quality of life.

Are you an A2Dominion Resident?

If so then we may be able to help you:

  • Find work, or get a better-paid job
  • Education and training for you and your family
  • Start an apprenticeship
  • Setup your own business
  • Improve your mental and physical health
  • With practical advice and support around household bills and money management
  • Assisting a family member to get online

To find out what you may be eligible for please answer a few questions, and one of our dedicated team will be in touch to let you know what's available in your local community.

If you're not one of our residents, you can still benefit

You might be able to access some of our services even if you're not an A2Dominion resident. Find out more and request further information:

This process usually takes around 10 minutes.